Business Analyst

Inspire & Guide

  • Hunt down new trends, cutting edge applications of tech, data and digital capabilities that generate outstanding experiences  

  • Identify how these advancements may be used to create better, bolder futures for customers, businesses and the community.  

  • Help business leaders navigate how to make the most of these advancements


The Role


  • Explore the organisations ambitions and underlying business model assumptions.

  • Unpack the current ways of working, systems and capabilities to identify pockets of opportunity.

  • Seek out the factual evidence to plot the business performance and customer reality.

  • Scan the market and reframe the industry to identify uncontested white space. 



  • Design new concepts and business models 

  • Run experiments to pressure test the feasibility and viability of new ideas

  • Embed agile and lean startup ways of working to accelerate getting the right ideas to market faster


Role Summary

The Business Analyst is like a foreign language interpreter translating business priorities into digital bets. Your role is to plot the potential of new technology, data and digital capabilities to solve for strategic challenges.

You Are

  • Immersed in the latest of technology, digital trends and all things geek, yet are grounded in the need to help people.

  • Disciplined in identifying riskiest assumptions and conducting pragmatic experiments

  • Happiest when rolling up sleeves to implement new ways of working including Agile and lean startup.

  • Equally comfortable working in a spreadsheet or collaborating in front of a whiteboard

  • You have a spark of energy and want to get things done.

  • Love to share your knowledge with others and to learn every day



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