Strategic Business Designer


  • Track down pockets of inspiration from all walks of life to jumpstart peoples thinking of what the future could be. 

  • Design and run ideation sessions, with customers and employees stretching peoples thinking to find fresh ways to create engaging experiences.

  • Create concepts and test with customers to identify what resonates.


The Role


  • Unpack the customer and employee needs using a wide range of techniques including interviews and contextual observations.

  • Discover what makes processes bad, commercials poor and experiences awful.

  • Plot out people’s interactions, journeys and experiences in engaging and fun ways that help others connect and empathise.

  • Join the dots of commercial, qualitative and quantitative data to draw insights and reveal new opportunities.



  • Lead the creation of business, customer and employee experience strategies, helping senior execs get comfortable with the change required.

  • Build business cases underpinned by iteratively tested concepts.

  • Make the strategy real, working hand in hand with the client’s team, mentoring their development and building their confidence.


Role Summary

The Strategic Business Designer is like a marriage counsellor that connects organisations with what customers truly want. Your role is to unlock never seen before value by co-creating new business models and customer experiences that nurture a lifelong relationship. 


You Are

  • A highly empathetic person who loves to better understand people.

  • A strategic thinker who is curious to unpack why businesses still make things hard to do, and motivated to change it.

  • You have a spark of energy and want to get things done.

  • Great attention to detail.

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • A proven track record in combining human stories with hard data to identify a compelling path forward for a product, service and business.

  • A pragmatist who knows how to get things done.



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