Design Researcher

Quantitative Research

  • Create engaging survey questionnaires that people actually want to complete

  • Run the survey to hit our sample size

  • Test solution concepts to separate what resonates or flops.


The Role

Qualitative Research

  • Design research briefs that focus our efforts and recruit participants form all walks of life.

  • Create interview guides that help us peel away the layers of mystery

  • Interview customer and employees capturing their stories, pain points and life experiences.

  • Go on location to observe people at work and play, looking for what behaviours they display from the weird to the wonderful. 

  • Walk in the customers shoes interacting with people, products and services to gain empathy for what they experience. 



  • Carefully sift through the results to generate intriguing insights 

  • Create tension maps, personas, customer journeys that wow clients

  • Build insights reports that help people connect with the findings 

  • Explore new ways of improving our research capability and makes research fun for participants.​


Role Summary

The Design Researcher is like a journalist that is unstoppable in finding the truth.  Your role is to deeply understand people and unpack their unique stories so we can thoughtfully design experiences that resonate with them.

You Are

  • A highly empathetic person who loves to better understand people.

  • Comfortable in interrogating the numbers to find the answer

  • You have a spark of energy and want to get things done.

  • Great attention to detail.

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • A pragmatist who knows how to get things done.


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