Health Services Association | Member Experience


With covid placing increased pressures on the health system, the Health Services Association (HSA) sought to ask itself what should their new normal look like and how to best adapt to help its members and the community thrive.




To identify how to best position the association and its value proposition to deliver tangible member value.




Collaboratively designed a strategy focusing on key member needs and a tight roadmap to guide future actions that are achievable with their ‘pay it forward’ resources.




“ The HSA NSW is deeply appreciative and grateful for the pro-bono support provided by Matt Anderson of Think-Start Up during 2020.  Matt worked closely with the HSA Board & Executive over several months undertaking robust consultations with members and workshop facilitation culminating in the provision of a highly polished and meaningful strategic direction for NSW HSA.  We highly recommend Matt and his team to you for your strategic planning process. ”


Grainne O’Loughlin, President Health Services Association, NSW. November 2020


Member Chats




  • Exploratory session with the Chair and Executive Director to scope up the work and coordinate respectful and safe logistics during the covid pandemic.

  • Rapid chats with HSA members to determine why they joined, stay and what the experience is like for them. 


Virtual Workshops




  • Discovery workshop delivered over Zoom and Miro to establish a shared view of the current reality and aspirations

  • Behind the scenes developed a draft strategy to act as a catalyst to spark healthy debate amongst time poor members.

  • Hosted a strategy workshop where we refined the thinking into a plan all members could get behind.



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