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Designing for an inclusive future 


With the launch of NDIS customers now have choice which has attracted ‘for profits’ to enter and disrupt the disability sector which has traditionally been served by charities and the public sector. 




To guide Spinal Cord Injuries Australia’s (SCIA) transformation from charity to ‘for purpose’ whilst not losing their ‘heart’.




A re-designed business model and clear path forward for a sustainable future which their staff and members believe in.




“ ThinkStartUp and Matt, the founder, has been an invaluable strategic partner to Spinal Cord Injuries Australia. They work alongside us and truly listen to our needs and challenges and provide insights and tools which have helped us develop and implement our three year strategy. Their passion for the work they do is infectious. They are also willing to share their skills and expertise so we grow as individuals and as an organisation. We wouldn’t have been able to develop and progress our strategy to the level we have if it wasn’t for Matt and his team.”


Dianne Lucas, CEO, Spinal Cord Injuries Australia






  • Qualitative research to understand the different customer needs which included training staff with spinal and neuro conditions to do some of the interviews.

  • Visual journey mapping with people who have ‘lived experience’ to map out the life changing experience from accident to integrating back into the community and getting on with life.


Environmental Scan




  • Industry analysis and competitor mapping, overlaid with customer needs to identify the space where SCIA could credibly play

  • Capability audit to identify the strengths and areas SCIA needs to invest in or partner for. 


Compelling Future




  • Collaboratively re-designed the business model, offerings and capabilities to support a future fit organisation.  

  • Socialised the thinking with staff, members and the board to get their feedback and ensure we retained SCIA’s heart whilst embracing a more commercial future.


Advisory Support




  • Ongoing leadership and board support to work through key challenges and guide creative thinking.

  • Support in facilitating potential partnerships and alliances.



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