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Forging a path to cyber resilience

Cyber Strategy
Forging a path to cyber resilience

project overview

Faced with escalating threats, the one-size-fits-all cyber security playbook where cyber will solve it was no longer cutting it. This case study explores how Transport for NSW shifted gears, crafting a cybersecurity strategy to build a cyber savvy culture across the organisation and partners.
business model
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Insights, Vision, Strategy, Roadmap, Budget, Op Model, Capabilities Map, Org Design Principles, Coaching

the design challenge

Cyber security isn’t a one-department job, it’s an organisational commitment. Our design challenge was to cultivate a cybersecurity strategy that involved diverse internal and external teams, as well as the IT and OT landscape. We aimed to understand their unique challenges and needs and to distill this information into a unified, actionable multi year strategy, roadmap and future operating model.
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the solution

Our approach was one of coaching the internal Cyber Security talent to create a compelling strategy and supporting business case. We brought together a small Transport cyber team, and introduced them to a human centred design.

Through a series of discovery sessions, one on one interviews, trend mapping, surveys, and risk performance analysis we were able to unpack the opportunities and challenges. We continued that same inclusive approach through the development of vision and strategy, and onto the specific programs of work required.

We then iteratively explored the potential operating models, capabilities and governance required to deliver upon the strategy.

The key magic ingredient throughout this work was ongoing stakeholder engagement to ensure we had clues early and could adapt.

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the impact

The end result was a well-rounded cybersecurity strategy, complete with detailed initiatives and recommended operating model. The broad stakeholder engagement ensured that the strategy was not just robust but also realistic. Thanks to this collaborative process, Transport now has a 3 year cybersecurity roadmap that's both visionary and pragmatic.

client feedback

"Matt Anderson and the Think Startup team have done a fantastic job in creating our new Transport Cyber Strategy. Their innovative approach and attention to detail, especially in developing a comprehensive roadmap and operating model, have exceeded our expectations, ensuring that our cybersecurity efforts are well-planned and ready for the future."
Murray Taylor
Chief Information Security Officer