City of Newcastle

Designing for a progressive citizen experience

CX Strategy
Designing for a progressive citizen experience

project overview

Off the back of an impressive run of innovations including the launch of award winning smart cities program, the City of Newcastle sought to create a customer experience program that brought together the best of digital, culture and innovation.
business model
Local Government
Insights, Vision, Strategy, Roadmap, Initiatives, Budget, Op Model, Narrative

the design challenge

To develop a comprehensive, actionable strategy aimed at elevating the City of Newcastle's customer experience across every touch point. City of Newcastles ambition was to establish City of Newcastle as a leader in delivering standout customer experiences.
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the solution

A 12 week sprint that adopted a human centred design approach to unpack the communities and staff needs, define what the future experience needs to look like and wrap up in a pragmatic step by step plan to bring it to life.

We started by bringing together diverse perspectives from across the business to create a safe space for sharing customer experience challenges, hopes, and needs. We synthesised the wealth of existing qualitative and quantitative customer research, to pinpoint customer pain points and organisational gaps. We then ran stakeholder interviews, shadowing, and operational data audits to get a real feel for the landscape.

Once the opportunities were framed up, we shifted to co-designed concepts remotely via Miro with diverse ranges of staff. Each concept was boiled down to a one-page business case, rigorously pressure-tested to ensure desirability, feasibility and viability.

A multi-year strategy, complete with budget and resourcing plans, was then aligned with the council's wider organisational plans.

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the impact

A united team focused on transforming their customer experience, with a clear roadmap, funding and ambition to make it happen. Next step was on building capabilities to accelerate the change, but thats for another story.

client feedback

"We talk a lot about evidence based, co-designed and collaborative partnerships but this was the real deal. As a result, we have CX strategy that I am confident in saying is best in class, but most importantly has the support and enthusiasm for implementation from our people and leaders."
Brett Smith
Director Strategy & Engagement