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Tackling the war for IT talent

Talent Strategy
Tackling the war for IT talent

project overview

Transport for NSW's IT team like many others is grappling with how to attract and retain talent in a hyper competitive marketplace. This case study sheds light on how we combined human centred design coaching, collaborative online tools and experimentation to create a compelling IT employee experience proposition.
business model
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Insights, IT Employee Value Proposition, Strategy, Proof Points, Roadmap, Budget, Coaching

the design challenge

Our challenge was twofold: to elevate the human centred design skills of the Transport internal project team while creating a compelling IT Employee value proposition. The solutions needed to bridge tight financial constraints, be fiercely inclusive, and the work needed to be juggled in between day jobs for staff.
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the solution

Enter coaching sessions, iterative visual prototypes, and a lot of collaborative thinking. We didn’t just hand over a IT employee value proposition and proof points; we shared with the team how to use human centred design to experiment and sustain the change.

We all agreed to run at pace, yet be careful to role model the very behaviours we wanted all staff to experience in a 'No place I would rather be' culture

It started by bringing together a enthusiastic core team from within IT for Transport ranging from fresh cadets to seasoned staff. We also leveraged best practice external insights.

The online human centred design tools we provided ensured we could transparently work in an asynchronous manner. We fused digital with high energy workshops for ideation and created concepts we then went back out and tested with talent both external to transport and the target talent in the marketplace.

The value proposition and proof points had to balance inspiration with pragmatism, all whilst being in sync with the wider organisational strategies. Hence we adopted an iterative approach with significant stakeholder engagement throughout the project.

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the impact

A road tested IT employee value proposition with a clear roadmap to build the proof points in line with the wider organisations priorities and employees needs. More importantly, we empowered the team with the skills and mindset to keep evolving the proof points, so that talent is both retained and attracted.

client feedback

"Working with Think Start-up and in particular Matt Anderson has been a wonderful and the utmost professional experience. The work was flawless and outstanding in transforming our team to a strategic level in maturifng our business and thinking approaches. Absolute pleasure working with you Matt and team on your creativity, energy and innovative techniques."
Lisa Doherty
Director IT Experience & Business Enablement