CITY OF NEWCASTLE  | CX Transformation


Building a future fit customer experience


Off the back of an impressive run of innovations including the launch of award winning smart cities program, the City of Newcastle sought to create a customer experience program that brought together the best of digital, culture and innovation.



To provide organisational wide guide-rails to transform the City of Newcastle customer experience.



A united team focusing on transforming their digital offering whilst implementing a ‘customer led’ culture underpinned by enhanced innovation capabilities.




“We talk a lot about evidence based, co-designed and collaborative partnerships but this was the real deal.  As a result, we have CX strategy that I am confident in saying is best in class, but most importantly has the support and enthusiasm for implementation from our people and leaders.”


Brett Smith, Director Strategy & Engagement, City of Newcastle


Frame the Challenge




  • Key players from across the business were brought together to frame the challenge and share their hopes, fairs and needs in a safe space.

  • Distilled existing research to find the key customer needs and pain points, whilst identifying some of the knowledge gaps.  Subsequently we adapted our approach to take advantage of the learnings and close key gaps.


Reality Check




  • Completed stakeholder interviews, buddying and shadowing across the organisation to understand the current business reality.

  • Analysed the existing omni-channel experience and compared against the customer and employee needs and external trends.

  • Undertook down-to-earth chats 






  • Co-designed and prioritised concepts with distributed staff using leading collaboration tools including Miro. 

  • Developed one page business cases for each concept and pressure tested the thinking to ensure City of Newcastle could feasibly deliver the work.

  • Pivoted the thinking from developing a customer service policy to embedding customer centric behaviours in their values.


Shared Narrative


  • Created a multi year strategy, budget and resourcing that synced up key strategies from across the council to transform the customer experience. 

  • Undertook a socialisation program deployed over zoom and Microsoft teams.

  • ​The City of Newcastle team embedded the program in their agile ways of working to ensure tight governance and protect the momentum of the work. 



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