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Building a human centred design movement


IAGs commitment to being customer centric led to a multi-year investment in their people and culture to develop their design led capability. IAG was one of the first Australian corporates to do so at scale.




To embed the human centred design mindset into the fabric of everything IAG does igniting empathy and innovation.




Over 2000 staff trained over a three year period, corresponding with a double digit lift in the Net Promoter Score and record share price gains




“Matt was instrumental in building the Human Centred Design capability strategy and helped facilitate hundreds of employees in HCD fundamentals. He led a design sprint to create our first branded customer journey and supporting artefacts. On a personal note, Matt has been a trusted mentor who has shown me how to be genuinely customer-led.”


Matt Prowse, Director Customer Experience IAG


Pilot the possible




  • On behalf of IAG (Louisa Mackay, Transformation Director Design) globally sourced the best human centred design capability builders to pull together an all star team of talented partners including IDEO, Nathan Baird, Jason Wilby, Opher Yom-Tov, and Michelle Elliot.

  • Co-developed a Human Centred Design capability program starting with the pilot of a 3 day bootcamp and toolkit that we tested and refined with enthusiastic pioneers.


Scaling Human Centred Design Capability




  • Expanded the program internationally along with the internal capability to run it. 

  • Developed mentoring and coaching programs to support applying the learnings to real world challenges


Embedding a Movement




  • Guided innovation and customer experience projects to further embed the HCD mindset including developing the CX strategy, setting up the pilot innovation lab, reimagine the KPIs, and kicking off a closed loop feedback program.



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