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Creating better community interactions 


Maitland is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia placing pressure on Maitland City Councils existing ways of working and how they interact with customers. The council sought to get ahead of the curve and work with the community to design something they could all be proud of.



To align the omni-channel experience with the growing customer expectations, whilst supporting their people to adapt.



An energised team that is courageously implementing the changes at all levels within the organisation to deliver an ‘un-council like service.’




“It is safe to say they are the most 'unconsultant' like consultants I have ever dealt with, presenting concepts and information in an easy and accessible way, at a pace rarely seen, which kept the momentum and excitement around the project going. As much as we'd like to keep them a secret just for ourselves, I couldn't recommend them highly enough to any organisation looking to build a new customer experience.”


Rachel MacLucas, Executive Manager Vibrant City, Maitland City Council 


Operational Review



  • Audited the omni-channel interactions to unpack the current experience, demand levels and forecasts so we could anticipate growth.

  • Conducted side-by-side buddying, field shadowing and one-on-one interviews (including councillors) to baseline the current level of customer experience maturity.

  • Synthesised existing qual, quant and operational data into meaningful stories, insights and personas staff could relate to in ‘everyday ‘ language.






  • Interviewed leading private sector firms, charities, councils and local government to unpack how they were creating best-in-class experiences.

  • Ran ambition sessions drawing on the inspiration to align the leaderships appetite for innovation.


Concept Testing 




  • Designed potential lo-fi concepts that welcomed critique.

  • Hosted community focus groups to identify what elements of the concepts worked, needed to change or we needed to hit the pause button on.

  • Transparently shared the learnings with the staff, councillors and community to get their feedback.


Kickstart the Change



  • Wrapped up the concepts into a narrative, supported by an implementation plan to bring it to life which included shifts in their culture, digital and people capabilities.

  • Began the process of embedding the change by developing guiding customer principles and running principles and service training.



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