ROYAL REHAB  | Business Strategy


Guiding bolder thinking in rehab and disability


Royal Rehab is recognised as a leading rehabilitation and disability services provider, yet their success hasn’t slowed down their appetite to continue to push boundaries and innovate. 




To create an organisational wide strategy that respects and captures the bold and exciting ambitions of the Royal Rehab team.




An endorsed strategy and vision that staff have rallied behind in order to bring it to life.




“ Quote is coming up. ”




Unusual Mobilisation




  • We took a creative approach to building the strategy due to the covid pandemic being in full swing, and Royal Rehab staff being extra busy.  This included using Miro (an online innovation tool) to collaborate and mobilised a very small team to build out the draft strategy.


Rough Drafts




  • We worked directly with the CEO and select leadership team members to get some of the early thinking down. We did this for a number of iterations giving everyone time to reflect and think on the strategy before further adapting it. 

  • We slowly expanded the number of leaders we brought into the fold, each time getting them to pressure test the thinking.


Test and Refine




  • Once we hit what we felt was an exciting strategy we shared the thinking with the wider leadership team and handed out the red pens.

  • We remained open to feedback with a critical and fantastic change being made to the purpose thanks to one of the Royal Rehab team members (who was on holiday) dialling in for one of the collaboration sessions and sharing their view.






  • The strategy was then given the Royal Rehab brand treatment and additional assets were developed to help tell the story.

  • The socialisation of the strategy across the organisation was led by Royal Rehab.



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